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The Current Lamborghini Gallardo Lineup

The Gallardo has been out since 2003 and it has evolved quite a bit during that time. Today you can buy a Gallardo that will fit just about any performance driving need that you could have. Lamborghini has done an excellent job of tailoring the car to fit the needs of almost any enthusiast. The current lineup includes:

The LP550-2
This is a standard production version of the 2WD version of the Gallardo that was released in 2010 as a retirement gift for Valentino Balboni. It is light, smooth, tail happy, and exhilarating to drive. They are extremely well balanced and easy to maneuver at low speed. The cars come in at an awesome price point and can be optioned lightly to have an MSRP of less than $200k.

The LP550-2 Bicolore
For 2011 Lamborghini made a limited run of 250 Bicolore Edition Gallardos. They come with E-Gear, Clear Engine Bonnet, Style Package, Branding Package, Black E-Gear Ring, Scorpius Wheels, and special order paint as standard. They are available in Orange, Yellow, White, Blue, and Gray. They all have black A Pillars, Roofs, C Pillars, and Decklids.

LP550-2 Black Edition
The Black Edition has the same option package as a Bicolore but it is available in Black. Also, you are free to select any interior color configuration and wheel design at no cost.

LP550-2 Monochrome Edition
The Monochrome Edition is essentially a Black Edition that is available in colors other than Black. The same options are included as standard.

LP560-4 Coupe
This is the standard Gallardo. It is All Wheel Drive and optioned in the same way that the car has been since 2009.This model was not available for the US Market in 2010.

LP560-4 Spyder
This is the standard Gallardo Spyder (Convertible). It is All Wheel Drive and optioned in the same way that the car has been since 2010. There were no Spyders available in 2009 (other than Press Cars).

LP570-4 Superleggera
This is an ultra-lightweight, higher horsepower version of the Gallardo that employs the extensive use of Carbon Fiber and Alcantera. The Superleggera was also offered in 2008 with similar changes from standard.

LP570-4 Performante
This is a convertible version of the Gallardo with the same modifications as the Superleggera and an additional decal package. Each dealer received one 2011 Demo but the main production year for the car is MY 2012.

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