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Exotic Car Insurance Recommendations

As someone who has owned their fair share of exotic cars and as a salesman of some very precious metal, I am frequently asked for recommendations for insurance.

I have had the [mis]fortune of dealing with a lot of insurance providers for exotic car policies for commercial and personal policies. Here are some quick thoughts and recommendations.

I insured with State Farm in Georgia for a while. They had good customer service, my local agent was very good, and I generally had a good experience – until I had a claim. I hit a deer in my Gallardo. It was about $20k in damage and although they paid it, things were never the same. I had another minor incident which I discussed reporting with them. I did not end up reporting it and they invited me to shop around.

I then moved to All State and they have been phenomenal. My 612 was in an accident that was not my fault and they could not have been any better to deal with.They worked with me on the repairs, amendments to the estimate, and diminished value. I was actually the recipient of the largest diminished value settlement ever in the state of Georgia.

The rates were about 20% higher at State Farm than All State. I was paying about $150 per month per car as a 20-24 year old with a clean driving record.

The best solution is to go with a high end carrier such as Chartis. They offer the best policies that I have ever seen and have some great programs for exotics. It is best (and frequently necessary) to move your home, jewelry, and other policies to them in order to get them to take the auto business but I highly recommend them and will be switching to them as soon as possible.

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