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Cannonball Record

The Cockpits of Cannonball

Ed Bolian Mercedes

The photo of the cockpit of the CL55 that we used for the 2013 NY to LA record is one of the most like/shared/favorited photos I have ever put on the internet. The suite of modifications that it takes to ready a car for a cross country trek at speed is something to behold.

Recently, David Simpson did some research into the varied strategies employed to prepare cars to drive across the country. You may recognize Simpson from his 2 records out of the 11 cross country records set this year. He holds the solo driving NY to LA record and the solo transcontinental record (Jax to SD). You should definitely check out his write up on the cars here on the official site of the Transcontinental Drivers Association.

He has Ben Wilson’s Cadillac from the 2015 running of the C2C event.


He has Vic & Bill’s BMW from their transcontinental record this year.


His own Mustang setup from his solo Jax-SD run


A replica of the Yates/Needham Ambulance from 1979

Yates Cannonball Ambulance Replica Cockpit

The Gurney/Yates Daytona


The devices in the Yates Challenger

IMG_70321 IMG_70331

The Lotus Esprit driven by John Harrison in the 79 Cannonball


The Rawlings/Collins Ferrari 550 Maranello


The Roy/Maher M5


The P71 Blackturd from the 33 hr run in The 2904


The Audi run by a local Atlanta team in The 2904


And our S55 from The 2904


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