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My Yellow Gallardo is now in Hong Kong!

I was curious to know what had become of the 2004 Yellow Lamborghini Gallardo (ZHWGU11S14LA00564) that I bought in 2006 and used for Supercar Rentals. I Googled the VIN number and didn’t find anything new. In 2010 I sold the car to an individual in Texas on consignment at the dealership. At that point it had about 40,000 miles. He enjoyed the car and drove it to around 51,000 miles in 7 months and then it popped up for sale at a small car lot in Texas.
The car was indicated sold but I never saw it turn up anywhere since then. I decided to pull the CARFAX and see what the records indicated to see how many miles it had and where it was located. Much to my surprise, this was what the CARFAX showed:
Last June it was exported from the US through Long Beach, California and imported into Hong Kong. The car culture in Hong Kong is insane and China is now outselling the US as the biggest market for Lamborghini each year. I will have to stay tuned to the Hong Kong Spotter’s thread on to see if the car turns up. Lots of great memories in that car.

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