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LP640’s in Georgia

As we saw in the discussion of Lamborghini Murcielago Production Numbers a few months ago, there are many of them anywhere. Here in Atlanta, they are extremely scarce. These are the 2007-2009 version of the Murcielago.

2008 Black/Black Coupe, Manual
2009 Orange/Black Coupe, E-Gear
2007 Rosso Vik/White & Black Coupe, E-Gear
2007 Yellow/Black Coupe, E-Gear
2008 Black/Black Roadster, E-Gear
2009 Verde Ithaca/Black Coupe, E-Gear

Each of these cars was recently sold and have left the area.

2008 Verde Ithaca/Black & Green Roadster, Manual
2007 Grigio Telesto/Gray Coupe, E-Gear
2008 Balloon White/Rosso Centaurus Coupe, E-Gear
2007 Orange/Black Coupe, E-Gear
2008 Orange/Black & Orange Coupe, E-Gear
2009 Orange/Black Coupe, E-Gear
2009 Balloon White/Black Coupe, E-Gear


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