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Ed’s Car History: My 2007 Rosso Vik LP640 is Sold

I owned this car for 14 months, drove it 9k miles, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. It has been trouble free, required just an oil change, and was a pleasure to look at every day.

We had some Lambo Road Trips to St Simons and to Nashville in May ’14 and June ’15.


Made many visits to our Caffeine & Octane/Exotics get togethers.

IMG_3064Took some great photos
3 Mountain Drives: April ’14, April ’15, and July ’15
Celebrated 5 Generations of Red V12 Lambos
Lamborghini V12 Lineage

I have owned a lot of great cars and this one has been truly special. For me, the Murcielago remains the benchmark of what a supercar is really all about it. They are rare, crazy, dramatic, and exciting. There are plenty of better cars out there but these are perfectly imperfect for me. What until you see what is coming next!
Ed Bolian Murcielago

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