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We all love Top Gear. People tell me pretty often that I have the best job in the world. Most days it is tough to argue with but on Sunday nights I have some pretty strong ammunition – Top Gear is on.

I do not mean Tanner Foust and the Top Gear US boys. I am sure that they are enjoying themselves out there but at this point, that show is almost unwatchable. I am talking about the true British Version.

They run 2 seasons per year of 6-13 episodes. Eventually they get played in the US but I wouldn’t drive 700 hp cars if I was patient.

I download the episodes after they air from Of course I also watch the re-edited versions that get shown on the Discovery Channel and BBC America when they are made available to atone for my piracy.

If you have never heard of that site, consider this your Birthday, Christmas, and Secretary’s Day Present. I apologize in advance for the next 3 weeks of your life that you won’t get back!

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