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Building Your Car Ownership Activity Checklist

After owning a bunch of interesting cars, I started to see a pattern developing in my ownership arc. Once I checked all of the boxes with each car, I generally found myself looking for the next one.

I always enjoy taking the cars to our local Cars & Coffee Gatherings. These shows always give me a good opportunity to share my enthusiasm with local enthusiasts, particularly younger people who want to own these cars one day. I try to give them rides, let them sit in the car, and offer advice on how they can own one too one day.

I like taking them on at least one Mountain Drive up to North Georgia.

I like doing a good photo shoot somewhere around Atlanta. I have done some great shoots at a local sand plant that came out really well.
FOTDE07And, of course, I have to take it on a road trip somewhere.
IMG_3882Doing all of those things really makes me feel like I have owned the car. Of course, my most recent purchase is a manual transmission 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640. I have chased that car for years and years now. I think due it is rarity, it will be a great investment so I will probably hold onto it past those adventures.

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