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Is a Koenigsegg street legal in the US?

Another car that I am frequently asked about is the Koenigsegg. This is a Swedish supercar that is typically spoken of in the same breath as the Pagani Zonda that we discussed yesterday. An estimated 100 were produced from 2002-2009 in several different variations which included – the CC, CC8S, CCR, CCX, CCXR, Trevita, Edition, Agera, and Agera R.

The CCR actually beat the top speed record previously held by the McLaren F1 by exceeding 241 mph at Nardo. There were rumors of Koenigseggs going faster but nothing fully substantiated. They used several engines including a Ford Racing V8 and a twin supercharged proprietary V8 developing up to 1100+ hp. They have long been a favorite of the hosts of Top Gear and featured on the program several times. In 2004 I actually saw and sat in the first press car (Black/Tan) which was driven by Jeremy Clarkson in their first test of the car. I couldn’t drive it because of a leaking wheel but it was phenomenal to see.

The answer to whether or not these cars are street legal in the US is easier. The answer is Yes! There are 8 street legal Koenigseggs in the US. They are all 2008 CCX’s and they were imported through two dealers. At least 4 are black, one is silver, and one is blue. That is the only year that they were legally imported to the US. There are other cars in the US but they would either be Show and Display titles or some of the other methods that we have discussed for non-road legal cars. I know of several US Koenigseggs that are available now and some that can be imported from other parts of the world. If you are seriously interested in exploring ownership of one of these cars, shoot me an email and let’s talk about it.

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