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One Year Later – 8k miles in an LP640

It has been a little over a year since I bought the LP640 Roadster. It was dream car since 2001 when the first Murci’s hit the ground and ownership has been both very interesting and incredibly satisfying. I never stop looking for the next car to own but nothing has made me more car-content than this beast. Here are a few initial thoughts to frame it.

  • It is the most useless automobile ever conceived. Anything you would normally use a car to do is nearly impossible in a Murci Roadster.
  • It hates going under 100 MPH. The gearing and power delivery make the car very strange to drive slowly. Nothing pulls like it at over 100 though.
  • It hates traffic – the gearbox and clutch programming are not ideal for anything but going fast.
  • It hates reverse – the E-Gear transmission doesn’t work well at low speed or in reverse. At first I wished it was a stick but in reality the E-Gear is still the better choice.
  • It hates parking – you can’t see anything behind you unless it is a semi. The dimensions are ridiculous.
  • It loves gas – I don’t think I have averaged over 10 mpg for more than a few hundred miles. Record low is 5.
  • It hates rain – that goes without saying given the roof but it really hates it. Even when it is on, the top leaks and the windshield wiper hits the roof when it is in place.
  • It has been perfect – I have not had any significant issues with the car. No significant consumable wear, no check engine lights, no running issues. Incredible for such a low volume hypercar.
  • The attention it gets in unreal – I knew that it would be but it has been a very positive experience with no issues, criticism, or vandalism. Great to see.
  • It is staying. I have toyed with selling it a few times but I can’t match the excitement without doubling the investment. What a car!

For all of its flaws and shortcomings the car has been a blast. The seats could be more comfortable for long trips and the car could be more agile in the mountains but I really do love it. I may end up looking for a Gallardo at some point to get back into an exotic I can drive daily but this thing is really as good as it gets.


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