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Special Thanks to Everyone Who Helped Make 28:50 Possible

We would like to extend a very special thanks to everyone who helped us make the New York to LA Record possible.

  • God for safety and keeping everything that was outside of our control working more perfectly as we ever could have imagined.
  • My lovely wife, Megan, for putting up with another pearl in the long strand of crazy things that I do.
  • My co-driver Dave Black for some of the most impressive and helpful driving I have witnessed in quite some time.
  • Dan Huang – our navigator and support passenger who has the best cop-spotting eyes I have ever been privy to.
  • My parents for giving up a couple of nights sleep worrying about the craziness their first born son was up to.
  • Brandon Saszi, Eric Gregory, and everyone at Lamborghini Atlanta/Motorcars of Georgia
  • Dak, Monty, Carsen and the team at CarTunes of Atlanta
  • Charles Carden for developing the fuel system
  • Forrest Sibley for all of the assistance strategizing, setting up, and programming the arsenal of countermeasures for the trip
  • The entire team at Blue Donkey Iced Coffee
  • David Claster, Ralph, and their team at RBM North Mercedes Benz
  • Adam Kochanski for monitoring weather and traffic
  • Tom Park for monitoring weather and traffic
  • Ash Majid & Ladan Joon for the hospitality before we departed
  • Danny Landoni for scouting in Pennsylvania
  • Chris Staschiak for scouting in Ohio
  • David Wiggins for route support in Ohio
  • Tom Greulich for scouting in Missouri
  • Jules Doty for scouting in New Mexico
  • Nick Reid for scouting in California
  • Brock Yates for his inspiration, wisdom, and motivation in our conversation
  • Alex Roy for his sportsmanship, example, and counsel in the preparation for the attempt
  • Richard Rawlings for his sportsmanship and endless devotion to all things Cannonball!
  • Everyone who called, texted, prayed, and supported us.

I know that there are many more that I have forgotten but this is a start. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone for helping make this crazy dream of mine a reality.

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