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Ed’s Past Lives – Supercar Rentals, Inc.

I have loved cars ever since I got the chance to get behind the wheel and I have always enjoyed the challenge of finding the most cost effective and practical ways to do so. When I look for a place to rent an exotic car I found nothing available in Atlanta. That led me to start Supercar Rentals, Inc. in 2006.

I started the business at age 20, just after my sophomore year at Georgia Tech. The first car in the fleet was a Lamborghini Gallardo and it was followed soon by many other gorgeous exotics. The company grew and expanded to have a great customer base in the Atlanta area. The company offered a great opportunity for people to experience a variety of cars at a very low cost with no long term commitment.

Supercar Rentals was a fun and sexy business to run and be a part of. I ran the company for about 5 years until the opportunity to work with Eric and the guys at Motorcars of Georgia came along. In 2009 and 2010 I sold the rental inventory and moved on to the current venture.

It was a great experience full of awesome memories and great cars. Thanks again to everyone who supported Supercar Rentals.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. David

    October 20, 2018 at 2:25 am

    I’ve never heard of you before today, but I watched a lot of your videos on YouTube and read some articles here. It is so inspiring to see what you were able to achieve at a young age.
    I incorporated a landscaping company and ran that for a few years when I was in highschool and college but I looked at companies in my area that have run for decades and I didn’t see much possibility for growth as price completion keeps profits so low.

    With profits from my business I had some success in stocks with my best month only ever seeing about 40k but I was too aggressive and I lost most of it soon after.

    Recently I’ve been interested in realty and am currently fulfilling my states requirements to become an agent.

    I’m about to turn twenty and I’m really looking for something I can work towards long term. Whether it is some business in cars or iguanas, I’d love to chat with you and gather any advice I can in starting a new venture.

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