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Ed’s Past Lives – Supercar Rentals, Inc.

I have loved cars ever since I got the chance to get behind the wheel and I have always enjoyed the challenge of finding the most cost effective and practical ways to do so. When I look for a place to rent an exotic car I found nothing available in Atlanta. That led me to start Supercar Rentals, Inc. in 2006.

I started the business at age 20, just after my sophomore year at Georgia Tech. The first car in the fleet was a Lamborghini Gallardo and it was followed soon by many other gorgeous exotics. The company grew and expanded to have a great customer base in the Atlanta area. The company offered a great opportunity for people to experience a variety of cars at a very low cost with no long term commitment.

Supercar Rentals was a fun and sexy business to run and be a part of. I ran the company for about 5 years until the opportunity to work with Eric and the guys at Motorcars of Georgia came along. In 2009 and 2010 I sold the rental inventory and moved on to the current venture.

It was a great experience full of awesome memories and great cars. Thanks again to everyone who supported Supercar Rentals.

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