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Yeah, we like Astons too…

Motorcars of Georgia is a pretty cool place. Even though the primary business over the past 17 years has been quality pre-owned BMW’s, Mercedes, and other luxury cars; we have some pretty cool exotic franchises as well.

We are the Atlanta authorized dealer for Lamborghini, Lotus, and as of March 2010 – Aston Martin.

I was a bit skeptical at first about the practicality of the Aston Martin Product Line. I had heard the same stories that you all had about massive depreciation, electrical horror stories, and seen the frightening Ford ties.

I have to say that my tune has changed after seeing the cars and spending some time with them. I have never seen a brand of cars that has such high customer satisfaction. The entire range is spread out to accomplish a great variety of things. The Rapide has been absolutely phenomenal. Everyone who buys them never wants to get out. The DBS is one of the most beautiful cars that I have ever seen. All of the V12 cars have incredible exhaust notes you will ever hear.

The quality of the materials, the unending smell, and the gorgeous lines never seem to wear off. If you have ruled Astons out in the past, I urge you to reconsider and come take a test drive. They are really worth a second look.

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