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Check out the Lamborghini Atlanta Mircro-Site

There is only so much information that we can make conveniently available on our main page at We recently created a new micro-site to offer a bit more information about the dealership. The web site is

This web site will showcase a bit more information, extra pictures of cars and the dealership, and keep track of sold inventory. Have you ever wondered whether or not Lamborghini Atlanta had ever sold a car that you are looking at somewhere on the internet? Now you can find out by searching here.

I hope that this proves to be a useful tool for everyone who is shopping for a vehicle. We will have service records on most of the cars that show up on the micro-site available. If you would like any more information about one of the cars that you see there, please contact me.

The Micro-Site was developed by Kevin Bandy from He did a great job and we highly recommend him for any of your web development needs.

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1 Comment

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