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What is owning an LP560-4 Spyder like?

I owned a Gallardo for 4.5 years and I loved the car. It was a 2004 and I sold it in 2010 with almost 40,000 miles on it. The Gallardo has grown up a lot since then. The 09+ LP560 is a completely different animal. Lamborghini changed almost everything about the car except for how it looked. A lot of people, myself included, have thought that they should have changed the name to indicate the difference between this car and an 08 or earlier car. The magnitude of change in the car was similar to difference between a Ferrari 360 and an F430.

I got to spend a lot of time in an absolutely gorgeous 2010 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder that we had. The car was Arancio Borealis with a black alcantera interior, piano wood, Cordelia wheels, and a lot of other great options.

I drove the car for a couple of weekends. The first weekend was to a promotion that we did at a golf course up in Ball Ground, Georgia. I put about 200 miles on it that weekend, got pulled over twice, and got to drive it in a lot of different situations. Fortunately there were no tickets but I did have a couple nice conversations with police officers. The second weekend I took the car to Italian Car Day and to Monteluce for dinner. That was another 300 miles or so.

The Gallardo today is a car that you can use as much or as little was you want to. You can drive it to get groceries or you can drive it around Road Atlanta and it will not be out of place in either environment. It attracts a lot of attention but it is all very positive. It is really a blast to drive.

They are very easy to drive as well. Megan really likes Gallardos and has enjoyed driving them in the past. You can see well out of them and all of the controls make sense. The radio is good, the AC is good, the seats are comfortable, and the 560’s actually can get decent gas mileage.

Years ago when I first got in a 560 I was worried that it had gotten too good. The transmission is so smooth, the car feels so much lighter, the AWD system is so light and maneuverable. The car is just about perfect. I have come to realize that is what makes the car what it is. It may be the best car you can buy today. Spend some time in one and you will see.

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