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Mercedes S55 Sold, Gallardo now the DD

I have long proclaimed that Lamborghinis can be acceptable daily drivers. I have been living that out lately and realized that there was not all that much reason for me to keep my 2003 Mercedes S55 that I had been using for the past couple of years as a daily car. I put the car on Craigslist and sold it almost immediately. I actually sold the car in the airport parking lot before I left for training in Vegas last week. I got a call from the ad and the guy wanted to come get it right then. One of the easiest car deals I have ever done!
So now the Gallardo is the daily driver. For the past week or so it has been great. It is amazing how much differently you look at a car when that is what you hop into to get to the grocery store, drive back and forth to work, take to family gatherings, etc. Obviously there is not a lot of room to carry stuff but it is easy enough to work around. I am sure that eventually I will pick something else up to relieve it of some of the mileage burden but it does not look like that will be a necessity any time soon. What do you guys think would go best alongside the Gallardo for frequent use? Current contenders are a Defender 110, Ruf GT2, some kind of simple Pickup Truck, or maybe just an LP640 if we find a high mileage one to trade in!

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