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Lamborghini Gallardo Road Trip to Miami – Reflections

It is rare that we get the opportunity to spend this much time in an exotic car. When you do get to put a significant number of miles on a Gallardo or any other exotic you really get some unique insight into the cars. You notice things that don’t come up in a regular weekend on evening drive.

My Gallardo performed magnificently throughout the trip. The only issues were things that I had already known about prior to departure. I bought this car with a few service needs and we are addressing them over time. At one point we had 5 error lights on the dash:
-check engine light bank 1-5 (likely due to the LOC exhaust)
-right turn signal out (false-radio wiring issue)
-left turn signal out (false-radio wiring issue)
-brake wear warning (broken sensor wire)
-washer fluid low (valid)

Despite the Christmas Tree of warnings the car did great. None of the issues impeded the driving at all. After a couple of hours of driving in Miami the clutch tried to slip a few times but the problem was easily abated. The egear pump was just struggling to build pressure around South Beach.

Anyone who owns an exotic car owes it to themselves to do a drive like this. Round trip we were just shy of 2,000 miles and we loved every moment of it. We got to experience a lot of different roads and really get to know our new car. Though we hads some rain, the weather was really good.

I can’t wait for the next one! Vegas anyone?

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