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Jasper Cruise In – August 2011

A few of my friends wanted to go to a Cruise-In car show in Jasper, Georgia a couple of days ago and I thought that sounded like a great time. When the Lamborghinis came down the street, the crowd of antique American car owners didn’t know what hit them. To mitigate the shock and as a bit of a peace offering, I drove a Corvette ZR1 that we recently traded. It was an awesome drive up to the event and a great time at the show. Thanks to everyone in Jasper for being so welcoming. Here are some pictures.

On a side note, it was really interesting to get some seat time in the ZR1 over the weekend. The car is obviously a phenomenal performance car and impressive when you look at the numbers. This iteration has actually achieved an acceptable level of interior quality, sufficiently different body panels so as to avoid confusion with the automatic convertible Vette that your hair dresser drives, and some nice mastery of composite technology. The engine is awesome and the torque is unreal. The gearing is peculiar because they all feel the same. You really would be fine with just one of them – any one of the six will do. If you accidentally put it in fifth rather than reverse, it will just pull away without a stutter.

The suspension is absolutely punishing in sport. It is awesome when that is what you are looking for but when you just want to drive your car, it is unpleasant. It is nice to see it being appreciably different when you press the button though.

It is an easy car to drive, the seats are comfortable (but a bit unsupportive), and there is a decent amount of space inside. All six and a half feet of me fit without too much contortion. The traction control is pleasantly inept and the sound is pretty nice. The car feels a bit like it was it was taped together and it creaks all over the place. It all adds to the charm that I am sure a lot of people with excessive upper-dorsal sun exposure enjoy.

For me, still loving the Lambo’s!

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