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$395,685 – Window Sticker Breakdown for my LP640 Roadster

I just bought a 2008 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Roadster. I did not get a window sticker for the car but I recreated the MSRP based on the options that the car has. This is how it would have looked:

Base MSRP – $350,200
Q-Citura Stitching – $2,900
E-Gear – $10,000
Gray Brake Calipers – $920
Interior Carbon Fiber Package – $8,450
Hermera Rims – $4,700
Wind Deflectors – $2,000
Engine Frame in Carbon Fiber – $4,625
Special Paint Color – $3,900
Gas Guzzler Tax – $5,400
Destination – $6,565

Total – $395,685

Later in 2008, there was an MSRP increase of $15,600. That would have made the new sticker $411,285

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1 Comment

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