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A great write up on The 2904 from Benny Newsman

Early last month we had an amazing time racing across the country in an event called The 2904. You can read about our experiences here. One of the most ambitious plans for the drive was from Benny Newsman. He encountered some incredible obstacles leading up to the event and you can read about them here¬†on […]

Alex Roy publishes his “Rules for Professional Speeding”

Today on The Drive, Alex Roy posted an interesting article. Alex held the NY to LA record with a time of 31 hours 4 minutes from October of 2006 until our drive in 2013. He is undoubtedly the godfather of the modern pursuit of outlaw road racing and bring the Cannonball/US Express ideas into a […]

Congratulations to Alex Roy & Zach Bowman on a new 3 Wheeled Cannonball Record

Just on the tail of our participation in The 2904, Alex Roy and Zach Bowman have announced a new cross country record – NY to LA in a 3 Wheeled Vehicle. Their time was 41 hours 49 minutes. Alex called me several months ago and asked me if I was game to join him. I […]

Carl Reese, Alex Roy, and Deena Mastracci recently set a few cross country records

Ever since our 2013 record setting cross country drive, there has been an explosion of other types of transcontinental¬†driving pursuits. We have seen runs along the southern route (Generally I-10) from Jacksonville to San Diego, cheap car rallies coast to coast, Electric Vehicle records, and no even autonomous driving records. The trio used the newly […]

Another video from my trip to Pittsburgh Cars & Coffee with DoctaM3

A couple of weeks ago I went on a road trip up to Pittsburgh for their Cars and Coffee Hanger Party. I had a great time with their local crew and they certainly know how to throw a party. While I was there, we shot this livestream video. Evan Shanks took a tour of the […]

Summer Road Trip Checklist by Cannonball Run World Record Holder – Ed Bolian

Ever since our NY to LA drive, I have gotten a lot of inquiries on the proper equipment for a typical summer road trip. Even if you are not looking to set any records, this is a good place to start. Your chances of a successful road trip can dwindle before you even set off. […]

Caffeine & Octane: June 2015

I had a long weekend of driving with our trip up to Nashville but I made it back to Atlanta and out early to Caffeine and Octane yesterday. Here are a few pics. They include a couple of the most impressive assembly of E30 M3’s I have ever witnessed.

The Atlanta Exotic Car Phone Directory

These are the important phone numbers to know if you own an exotic car in the Atlanta area. Motorcars of Georgia Sales & Service – 404-233-4269 Lamborghini Roadside Assistance – 1-888-464-6040 Aston Martin Roadside Assistance – 1-888-592-7866 McLaren Roadside Assistance – 1-855-462-5273 McCullough Towing – 770-491-3073 R Mayer Towing – 770-457-6246 Magnum Collision –¬†770-427-4590

Atlanta Restaurant Recommendations

I have a lot of out of town customers that look for restaurant recommendations. Here is a list of my favorites. Steak Hal’s McKendrick’s Bones NY Prime Chops Pampas Sushi/Seafood Umi Optimist Sushi Kiku American JCT Kitchen Local 3 Holman & Finch Mexican/Latin Laredo Nuevo Pure Italian Antico Pizza/Gio’s La Grotta Pricci Other Bistro Niko […]

Congratulations to Ken Block on another amazing Gymkhana video

The seventh installment of the infamous Gymkhana series is being released today. While Los Angeles was the destination of our road trip, it was the entire venue of his. The cinematography is amazing and the driving is brilliant as always. Check it out.