The only manual Verde Ithaca LP640 Roadster in the US

Of the 26 US manual LP640’s, my current car┬áis the only green manual coupe but there is a green manual roadster that made its way here. It was in Atlanta for a while in 2011-2012 but it went away to California. I sold the car again earlier this year (2015) with approximately 4k miles and it now has a great home alongside a very rare Diablo. Here are a few photos of the car.

Lambo profiles IMG_1311-Small IMG_4693-Small MountainRunMay2011_184

IMG_9033-Small IMG_8232-Small MountainRunMay2011_026 IMG_9036-Small IMG_7149-Small IMG_7248-Small IMG_9034-Small IMG_8230-Small IMG_8212-Small

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