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Caffeine & Octane: December 2016

It was a cold, rainy morning at Caffeine and Octane but there were plenty of the dedicated faithful that made it out. Here are some pics for those who missed it:

The 10 Most Beautiful Cars Ever Built

Just like there is a difference between a hot woman and a beautiful woman, there is a real difference between a hot car and a beautiful car. There are fantastic newer cars like the LP670 or 675LT that offer razors edge performance and radical technology but some cars are timeless. For me, these are the […]

Great time this weekend at the Kevin Messer Car Show

My childhood best friend was killed in a car accident two years ago. His family put together a car show in his memory on Saturday and I was honored to be able to attend. It was definitely a different scene than our usual car shows with an awesome variety of American muscle cars and antique […]

American Muscle Car Road Trip – October 2011

Last Friday was a very good day. One of our customers had agreed to purchase a new 2012 Aston Martin DBS Carbon Black Edition. He wanted to trade in 4 modern American Muscle Cars that were at his house in Millen, Georgia. To get to Millen you drive south from Augusta, turn right, and go […]