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A few photos of the Verde Ithaca LP640

Yesterday I took the manual LP640 down to Phipp’s Plaza, a local shipping mall. In their parking deck, they have a green floored area with some very cool lights. Seemed like a good opportunity for a few photos.

My 10 Favorite Photos of the Murcielagos that I have owned

The Murcielago is my favorite car. I have owned three of them. The first was an Arancio Atlas 2008 Roadster. The second was a Rosso Vik 2007 Coupe. Now I have a Verde Ithaca 6 Speed Manual 2008 LP640 Coupe. Over the years we have done a lot of photo shoots with them. Here are […]

The 2904: 2015

After we set the New York to Los Angeles Cannonball Record in 2013, I was contacted by a gamut of cross country aficionados. Some were past Cannonballers, some were contemporary aspirers to hold the record, others just loved the movies and the idea. One highly interesting phone call was one with the organizer of an event […]

Project S55 Build

So what does it take to put a humpty dumpty S class back together? The TL;DR answer: a lot.  3/4/15 – A few weeks ago I picked up a non-running 2002 Mercedes S55 project car. I bought the car to have as an interesting project and to build a cheaper version of the CL55 Cannonball car, […]

A quick video of the Green Manual Murcielago

Here is a quick video from the first few months with my manual gearbox 2008 Verde Ithaca LP640 Coupe.

Check out wheelwell

Wheelwell is a new social media site centered around cars you own or have owned. It is a really cool way to keep track of the cars that you have had over the years and meet people in the car community. Here is my page there. 

YouTube: Evan Shanks offers a look inside the Cannonball CL55

I gave YouTuber Evan Shanks a tour of the CL55 recently. Here is the video he put together.

The 3 LP640’s – Verde Ithaca, Arancio Atlas, and Rosso Vik

On Saturday, just after my new Verde Ithaca LP640 coupe had arrived, I had a few minutes before the truck came to take away my Rosso Vik car. The Arancio Atlas Roadster that I owned from 2012-2014 came in for service and consignment this week so we pulled it out for some quick pictures. Thanks […]

Ed’s Car History: 6 Speed Manual Verde Ithaca 2008 LP640

I have chased a stick LP640 for nearly eight years now. I fell in love with the idea of a green stick Murci with this Verde Draco manual press car as Jeremy Clarkson drove it on Top Gear, extolling the virtues of a proper gearbox. I tried to buy a barely used Orange one in 2007 […]

Ed’s Car History: My 2007 Rosso Vik LP640 is Sold

I owned this car for 14 months, drove it 9k miles, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. It has been trouble free, required just an oil change, and was a pleasure to look at every day. We had some Lambo Road Trips to St Simons and to Nashville in May ’14 and June ’15. Made many […]