Caffeine & Octane: July 2015

Here are some photos from today’s Caffeine & Octane. The rain held off and there were some very cool, unique cars in attendance.

IMG_4329 IMG_4330 IMG_4331 IMG_4332 IMG_4333 IMG_4334 IMG_4335 IMG_4336 IMG_4337 IMG_4338 IMG_4339 IMG_4340 IMG_4341 IMG_4342 IMG_4343 IMG_4344 IMG_4345 IMG_4346 IMG_4347 IMG_4348 IMG_4349 IMG_4350 IMG_4351 IMG_4352 IMG_4353 IMG_4354 IMG_4355 IMG_4356 IMG_4357 IMG_4358 IMG_4359 IMG_4360 IMG_4361 IMG_4362 IMG_4363 IMG_4364 IMG_4365 IMG_4366 IMG_4367 IMG_4368 IMG_4369 IMG_4370 IMG_4371 IMG_4372 IMG_4373 IMG_4374 IMG_4375 IMG_4376

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    Sheppard vars
    July 12th, 2015 at 7:19 pm

    Thrilled to watch and listen as you guys cruised from Northridge at least as far as exit 13 today july 12. Was bummed I had to exit! I’m the guy who talked to you at QT a couple weeks ago. Witnessing today’s lineup made my day!


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