When Shrewd Negotiation Goes Wrong

Today’s VINwiki Car Story┬áis the explanation of the nightmare that came with the purchase of the latest Megan-Mobile.

Ed Bolian’s Recent Presentation of VINwiki at Switchyards

Last month Ed got the chance to present at the Switchyards Consumer Show about VINwiki.

VINwiki Turned 2 Years Old

VINwiki has now been live for 2 years!

Ed’s Car History: 1995 Porsche 911 (993) Carrera RS Tribute

I found a cheap 993 on RennList and had to add it to the collection. Here is the story:

Ed’s Car History: Manual Murcielago LP640 #3

I am replacing my gray manual LP640 with a black one that I am having painted Verde Draco. Here is the story:

My recent VINwiki Car Stories

I post a new car story each week on the VINwiki channel. Here are some of the latest ones.

Cannonball Memorial Run Itinerary – April 5-8, 2018

Last year I took part in the second Cannonball Memorial Run. The third one is coming up. This cross country drive is a fund raiser to support the families of fallen officers. On average, 161 officers are killed in the line of duty annually. There are systems in place to offer financial relief to families […]

My recent car stories

I added a few more of my car stories to the VINwiki YouTube channel. The most recent are: How to get a manufacturer to help pay for your next new exotic via trade assistance. The story of the 2017 running of The 2904 in the Cadillac Limo Stories of shipping exotic cars around the country […]

Dave Black tells VINwiki about a joyride in a Porsche 930 owned by Skip Bayless

My latest VINwiki Car Stories

I have gotten a bit behind posting my car stories here. Be sure to subscribe to the VINwiki channel to get the notifications for when they roll out.