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Caffeine & Exotics: June 2017

It was a beautiful Father’s Day morning for this month’s Caffeine & Exotics. I had my wife and son with me so I didn’t get as many pics as usual but here are a few:

Caffeine & Exotics: June 2016

This morning was probably the best C&E weather we have ever had. It was gorgeous. Thanks to Bruce and his team for putting together an amazing event as always. As we were launching VINwiki this weekend, we were out in full force. There are lots more photos on VINwiki of the amazing cars at the show. Click […]

Caffeine & Exotics: April 2016

The weather was perfect this morning for the first Caffeine & Exotics of the year. That combined with a pared down schedule (only 4 events) for 2016 and the excitement for everyone to get their cars out after a long winter made for an amazing crowd. Here are a few pics:

Caffeine & Exotics: October 2015

It was a chilly morning that turned out quite beautiful as the sun came up over the most impressive collection of exotic cars that I think we have ever seen in Atlanta. The last Caffeine and Exotics show of the season was definitely one for the record books. Here are some photos.

Caffeine & Exotics: August 2014

I took the LP640 to Caffeine & Exotics this morning. It was a great turnout without the threat of rain this morning. Great to see everyone there. Glad to see so many Aventadors and 650Ss around the city. You will see the Grigio Telesto Aventador that we sold recently as well as a great selection […]

Caffeine & Exotics: July 2014

Today was the first Caffeine & Exotics show. This is a spinoff of Caffeine & Octane with a focus on more exotic cars. The turnout of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, McLarens, and other supercars was fantastic. The event takes place on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 8-11 AM at Lenox Square. The latest iteration of […]