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Caffeine & Octane: August 2015

It was a beautiful morning at Caffeine & Octane this morning. The Perimeter Mall location has been working out great. I was excited to take the Verde Ithaca manual transmission LP640 for the first time. There were lots of great cars in attendance. Here are some photos.

Caffeine & Exotics: July 2015

Today was the 1 year anniversary of the first Caffeine and Exotics show. It is always great seeing everyone and all of the spectacular supercars that call Atlanta home. Today we had a Saleen S7 and a Mercedes 300SL Roadster join the fun. Here are some pictures.

Caffeine & Octane: July 2015

Here are some photos from today’s Caffeine & Octane. The rain held off and there were some very cool, unique cars in attendance.

Caffeine & Exotics: June 2015

The Father’s Day Edition Caffeine & Exotics offered a great turnout with a particularly impressive rainbow of Huracans. We had Arancio Borealis, Verde Mantis, Verde Scandal, Rosso Mars, Grigio Telesto, and Bianco Monocerus. It was certainly a hot morning in Atlanta but we had a great time. My better half and our son decided to […]

Caffeine & Exotics: May 2015

Despite some suspicious weather it was a great morning at Caffeine and Exotics in Atlanta. The rain held off and the turnout was great. Here are some pictures.

Caffeine & Octane: May 2015

It definitely feels like these cars and coffee gatherings are becoming a weekly thing with Caffeine & Exotics having been pushed back a week for weather. It was a gorgeous morning and there was some really cool stuff there today including a Saleen S7. Here are some pics.

Caffeine & Exotics: April 2015

Caffeine & Exotics was a week late this month due to the rain last week. The turnout was fantastic. Lots of great cars that we have sold recently. We also go to show off the McLaren 570S Show Car that we have been hosting this week. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Caffeine & Octane: March/April 2015

Respecting Easter, Caffeine & Octane was held a week early for April. It was bitterly cold but we had a great turnout as usual. Here are the pictures.

Caffeine & Exotics: March 2015

The weather was perfect and this was the best Caffeine and Exotics that we have had by far. The turnout was amazing including a lot of new cars and faces. We saw the first appearance of a Porsche 918, some great new Aventadors, Huracans, and more. Here are some pictures.

Caffeine & Octane: March 2015

It feels like it has been a while since the Atlanta cars and coffee get togethers. They cancelled Caffeine & Exotics in February and moved Caffeine and Octane to Perimeter Mall. I was tied up last month for it but made it today. The new venue is great. Lots of space and a great turnout […]