What will my payment be?

As the topic of Exotic Car Financing comes up, I get a lot of questions about what kind of a payment someone can expect if you do choose to finance an exotic car. Of course that depends on a lot of different variables. Here are some examples:

Amount Financed – $100,000

60 month traditional loan @ 4% = $1,841.65
60 month traditional loan @ 6% = $1,933.28 (rate will increase for older cars)
72 month traditional loan @ 5% = $1,610.49 (rate will increase for longer term)
60 mo lease w/35% balloon @ 7%  = $1,491.24 (Premier or Putnam)
144 mo Woodside loan @ 7%  = $1,028.38

As you can see, it is not that hard to afford an exotic car. What makes them even more affordable, particularly on the used side, is that they all tend to reach a point where the depreciation will slow or stop. This means, that even if you are making a lower payment, you will maintain a good equity position. Tomorrow I will discuss some exotic and luxury cars that just about anyone can afford.

For assistance with Woodside Credit Long Term Exotic Car loans contact Antonio Saba.

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