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Updated list of the US Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SVs

After I published the latest info I have on all of the US Manual LP640s I got several requests for an SV list.

I have 40 VINs for them. I might be missing a couple.
3 were press cars
3 cars have been exported
2 have been turbocharged
4 have been totaled
2 had minor accidents that were repaired

ZHWBU8AH2ALA03704 – #220
Owned by @traumarad on Instagram, Laredo, TX
Used in some press demonstrations, $480,325 MSRP

ZHWBU8AH2ALA03707 – #227/350
Arancio Atlas, Big Stickers

Recently sold by Porsche West Broward with 5,234 miles

ZHWBU8AH8ALA03741 – #60/350
Used in Car & Driver Lightning Lap, Sold by Houston in 2012

ZHWBU8AH2ALA03749 – #71/350
Exported to Finland

ZHWBU8AG8ALA03794 – #12/350
Manual car, owned by Roy Cats, 25k miles

ZHWBU8AH0ALA03796 – #202/350
Seen at Car Week 2013


ZHWBU8AH1ALA03810 – #300/350
Sold by Lambo St Louis in 2012 to @lamborghiniks

ZHWBU8AH7ALA03813 – #46
Exported to Vietnam in 2011

ZHWBU8AH9ALA03831 – #339/350
Now in Vancouver

ZHWBU8AH9ALA03831 – #169/350
North American Press Car, MSRP $484,045

ZHWBU8AH8ALA03836 – #166/350
Underground Racing Twin Turbo

Sold by Euro Motorsports in Fort Lauderdale, FL

ZHWBU8AH5ALA03874 – #17/350
Currently listed on DuPont Registry for $250k with 21,402 miles

ZHWBU8AG8ALA03875 – #53/350
Manual car, Bianco Canopus. According to Carfax it had 619 miles in 2/15 and 23,952 in 4/16 which is likely a clerical error. Assuming low mileage this is the most valuable Murcielago on Earth, easily $1M+

ZHWBU8AH1ALA03886 – #110/350

ZHWBU8AH7ALA03889 – #315/350
Sold last week by Cats Exotics

ZHWBU8AH9ALA03893 – #151/350
Sold recently by Towbin Las Vegas

ZHWBU8AH0ALA03894 – #171/350
Listed a couple times by Prestige Imports

ZHWBU8AH5ALA03896 – #340
Nero Aldebaran, sold by St Louis

ZHWBU8AH6ALA03897 – #215
Owned in the Atlanta area

ZHWBU8AH2ALA03900 – #214/350
Owned in the Atlanta area

ZHWBU8AH5ALA03907 – #115/350
Sold last year into Southern California

ZHWBU8AH0ALA03927 – #267/350
Sold by British Motorcar Distributors

ZHWBU8AH4ALA03932 – #95/350
Currently for sale at Cats Exotics

ZHWBU8AHXALA03935 – #325/350
Owned by Instagram user @lambomaniac in Southern California

ZHWBU8AH3ALA03937 – #155/350
Sold by Gold Coast

ZHWBU8AH7ALA03939 – #105/350
Currently for sale at Lamborghini Las Vegas

Don’t know much about this one. Located in New York with about 1300 miles.

ZHWBU8AH2ALA03945 – #125/350
Owned in the Nashville area

ZHWBU8AH4ALA03946 – #160/350
Sold by Cats Exotics to someone in the Portland area

ZHWBU8AH6ALA03947 – #140/350
Recently purchased by Instagram user @lambomaniac in Southern California

ZHWBU8AH8ALA03948 – #135
Owned by CNC Motors for some time now. Was in a bad rainstorm with the windows down at port and had the interior and electronics replaced.

ZHWBU8AH6ALA03950 – #144/350
Sold by Cats Exotics in 2010

I sold this one new at Motorcars of Georgia and it is still owned by the first owner in Massachusetts

ZHWBU8AGXALA03957 – #181/350
Manual car. Totaled in late 2016

ZHWBU8AH8ALA04002 – #240/350
Totaled. Sold on Copart last year.

ZHWBU8AH2ALA04075 – #257/350
Currently for sale in Reno, NV. Wrong wheels.

I sold this one as a pre-owned car at Motorcars of Georgia. Twin Turbocharged by Covert Tuning Dynamics. Currently being put back to stock.

ZHWBU8AH0ALA04091 – #316/350
Sold last year by McLaren Boston

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  2. Michael

    July 10, 2017 at 10:10 am

    166 with underground is in Poland

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