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US & Canada Manual Lamborghini Murcielago LP640s – Where are they now?

The main reason that I started VINwiki last year was to create a platform that could facilitate researching and tracking specific cars, particularly the rare ones that I love. It has grown into a very powerful tool and each day our users discover new and exciting information about the cars they love in the app.

The car I started tracking happens to be my personal favorite car – the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 coupe and roadster with a manual gearbox. Two years ago I started a list of the VINs and posted it here. It has been referenced in RM Auctions and around the world as people learned just how rare the cars were. Though the factory always told us that approximately 5% of the cars did not have the E-Gear option, the real number is closer to 2%.

There are 26 US Cars
18 are Coupes, I would consider 10 to still be in collector grade condition
8 are Roadsters, I would consider 6 to still be in collector grade condition

Through continuing to track the cars and see the posts that show up on VINwiki, here is an update of where the cars are now:

ZHWBU37M57LA02062 – 2007 Coupe – Grigio Telesto
Former US Press Car, currently owned in California, sold by CNC Motors, RWD Converted with Reid Performance enhancements, re-done interior

ZHWBU37M57LA02160 – 2007 Coupe – Nero Aldebaran
Approx 39k miles, currently in Arizona, drilled holes in quarters from previous wing mounting, recently returned to AWD after RWD Conversion, factory wheels recently installed.

ZHWBU37M37LA02223 – 2007 Coupe – Giallo Orion
Approximately 29k miles, full SV body kit, recently offered for sale for $339k

ZHWBU37M47LA02229 – 2007 Coupe – Monterey Blue
Approximately 45k miles, hit an animal at 140+, bumper replaced, interior re-done

ZHWBU37M37LA02285 – 2007 Coupe – Nero Aldebaran
Recently sold by Roy Cats with 5341 miles, went to Atlanta area. Very nice car.

ZHWBU37M17LA02317 – 2007 Coupe – Arancio Atlas
Crashed in 2016

ZHWBU37M57LA02319 – 2007 Coupe – Nero Aldebaran
Bought back under Lemon Law, 15k miles in 2009

ZHWBU37M17LA02334 – 2007 Coupe – Balloon White
Sold last year by Elite Motorsports in Texas – Very nice car

ZHWBU37M67LA02359 – 2007 Coupe – Nero Aldebaran
Previous salvage due to engine fire, repaired now, owned in NJ

ZHWBU37M57LA02479 – 2007 Coupe – Giallo Evros
15,088 miles at Texas Inspection Station last year

ZHWBU37M57LA02577 – 2007 Coupe – Balloon White
Originally owned by Nick Cage, went to Canada, nice car

ZHWBU37M77LA02595 – 2007 Coupe – Oro Adonis
Early clutch replacement, Sold by BMC with PPI’s refused, Sold by RM, currently in Kansas, should still have under 10k miles

ZHWBU37M97LA02596 – 2007 Coupe – Arancio Atlas
Rebuilt Salvage, SV Style front bumper

ZHWBU37M_7LA02___ – 2007 Coupe – Ely Blue
This is the only 07 I don’t have the VIN to. It is in Sarasota, FL and all I know is that it had the windshield broken while in service there at one point. It has a Bianco Polar or Avorio Lilium Interior

ZHWBU47M78LA02653 – 2008 Roadster – Verde Ithaca
Approx 6k miles, recently purchased by CURATED in Miami, FL

ZHWBU37M08LA02696 – 2008 Coupe – Grigio Telesto
Owned for some time by the owner of Lamborghini Carolinas

ZHWBU47M08LA02736 – 2008 Roadster – Grigio Avalon
Don’t know much about this one

ZHWBU47M78LA02880 – 2008 Roadster – Oro Adonis
Sold by Roy Cats ~2013

2888 – 2008 Coupe – Nero Aldebaran
I sold this one to Mercedes Brooklyn with about 13 miles in 2015

ZHWBU47M28LA03015 – 2008 Roadster – Grigio Antares
Not sure if the black on the bumper is paint/vinyl/evidence of repair

ZHWBU37M98LA03281 – 2008 Coupe – Verde Ithaca
This one was mine from 2015-2016. Sold to Roy Cats.

ZHWBU47M19LA03296 – 2009 Roadster – Giallo Orion
Recently listed by Earth Motorcars for $515k, purchased by Roy Cats

ZHWBU47M89LA03389 – 2009 Roadster – Nero Nemesis
4,363 miles as of last year, hasn’t changed hands lately

ZHWBU47M49LA03406 – 2009 Roadster – Nero Nemesis
Owned when new by Ralph Lauren. I heard this car was in a fairly major accident. Has been put back together with some aftermarket rear panels and seen at Driving Force events. Both matte black 09s are option identical.

ZHWBU47M59LA03494 – 2009 Roadster – Nero Aldebaran
I sold this one in late 2015 and about a month later the owner’s home in SC was flooded and the car sat in about 18 inches of water for a few hours. It was repaired at Lamborghini Atlanta but has a salvaged/rebuilt title.

ZHWBU37M_9LA03___ – 2009 Coupe – Giallo Orion
Don’t have the VIN to this one. It has been at Newport Beach and in Texas.


There were 5 cars brought into Canada.

ZHWBC37M67LA02123 – 2007 Coupe – Rosso Andromeda
RWD Converted with SV styled body panels

ZHWBC37M77LA02227 – 2007 Coupe – Grigio Telesto
My current car. Fraudulently reported stolen in Canada. Non-branded US title, approx 19k miles.

ZHWBC37M87LA02270 – 2007 Coupe – Grigio Antares
Aftermarket wheels and body kit, Approx 10k miles, sold recently by Roy Cats

ZHWBC37M68LA02642 – 2008 Coupe – Arancio Atlas
Accident in 2009 with $31k in Damages according to Carfax

ZHWBC37M08LA02698 – 2008 Coupe – Giallo Orion
Accidentally sold cheap by Lamborghini Montreal last year because they didn’t know they were rare. Listed recently on eBay.

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