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United States 2001 Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 VIN List/Registry

I built this list out on VINwiki but I thought I would share it here. At the time of this first post I have 94 VINs. There are some rather large gaps so I am sure that I am missing quite a few but this is a start. Production estimates vary but it looks like something around 380 is accurate worldwide. This is USA only. Let me know if you see any I am missing.

10/12/16 update – up to 100 VINs.
10/14/16 update – up to 103 VINs.
10/15/16 update – up to 123 VINs.

ZA9DU01B21LA12469 Orange
ZA9DU01B91LA12502 Black
ZA9DU01B21LA12505 Yellow
ZA9DU01B61LA12507 Yellow
ZA9DU01B81LA12508 Orange
ZA9DU01B31LA12514 Orange
ZA9DU01B91LA12517 Blue
ZA9DU01B21LA12522 Red
ZA9DU01B31LA12528 Pearl Yellow
ZA9DU01B51LA12532 Orange
ZA9DU01BX1LA12543 Titanium
ZA9DU01B11LA12544 Black
ZA9DU01B21LA12553 Painted Orange
ZA9DU01B81LA12556 Orange
ZA9DU01B31LA12576 Vik
ZA9DU01B51LA12580 Unknown
ZA9DU01B91LA12582 Black
ZA9DU01B11LA12589 Yellow
ZA9DU01BX1LA12591 Black
ZA9DU01B11LA12592 Unknown
ZA9DU01B31LA12593 Purple
ZA9DU01B71LA12595 Orange
ZA9DU01B01LA12597 Titanium
ZA9DU01B21LA12603 Vik
ZA9DU01B01LA12616 Blue
ZA9DU01B21LA12617 Yellow
ZA9DU01B61LA12619 Black
ZA9DU01B11LA12625 Titanium
ZA9DU01B31LA12626 Red
ZA9DU01B71LA12628 Titanium
ZA9DU01B21LA12634 Orange
ZA9DU01B41LA12635 Titanium
ZA9DU01B61LA12636 Yellow
ZA9DU01B11LA12642 Titanium
ZA9DU01B51LA12644 Painted Ithaca
ZA9DU01B71LA12645 Orange
ZA9DU01B91LA12646 Yellow
ZA9DU01B01LA12647 Titanium
ZA9DU01B21LA12651 Black
ZA9DU01B41LA12652 Titanium
ZA9DU01B61LA12653 Yellow
ZA9DU01B81LA12654 Titanium
ZA9DU01B31LA12657 Painted Ithaca
ZA9DU01B51LA12658 Unknown
ZA9DU01B71LA12659 Yellow
ZA9DU01B91LA12663 Blue
ZA9DU01B21LA12665 Orange
ZA9DU01B41LA12666 Titanium
ZA9DU01B61LA12667 Titanium
ZA9DU01B51LA12675 Yellow
ZA9DU01B91LA12677 Orange
ZA9DU01B21LA12679 Yellow
ZA9DU01B01LA12681 Titanium
ZA9DU01B21LA12682 Black
ZA9DU01B31LA12688 Unknown
ZA9DU01B11LA12697 Yellow
ZA9DU01B31LA12698 Titanium
ZA9DU01B51LA12699 Yellow
ZA9DU01B71LA12705 Black
ZA9DU01B91LA12706 Orange
ZA9DU01B01LA12714 Green
ZA9DU01B21LA12715 Black
ZA9DU01B61LA12720 Red
ZA9DU01B81LA12721 Unknown
ZA9DU01BX1LA12722 Titanium
ZA9DU01B71LA12726 Yellow
ZA9DU01B91LA12727 Unknown
ZA9DU01B61LA12734 Black
ZA9DU01B81LA12735 Titanium
ZA9DU01BX1LA12736 Red
ZA9DU01B11LA12737 Purple
ZA9DU01B21LA12742 Yellow
ZA9DU01B41LA12743 Yellow
ZA9DU01B61LA12744 Blue
ZA9DU01B81LA12749 Titanium
ZA9DU01B41LA12750 Orange
ZA9DU01B61LA12751 Orange
ZA9DU01B31LA12755 Yellow
ZA9DU01B51LA12756 Yellow
ZA9DU01B71LA12757 Orange
ZA9DU01B21LA12763 Red
ZA9DU01B41LA12764 Orange
ZA9DU01B51LA12773 Yellow
ZA9DU01B71LA12774 Yellow
ZA9DU01B61LA12779 Black
ZA9DU01B21LA12780 Silver
ZA9DU01B41LA12781 Silver
ZA9DU01B71LA12788 Yellow
ZA9DU01B51LA12790 Black
ZA9DU01B21LA12794 Unknown
ZA9DU01B41LA12795 Unknown
ZA9DU01B61LA12796 Blue
ZA9DU01B61LA12801 Black
ZA9DU01B81LA12802 Titanium
ZA9DU01B41LA12814 Andromeda
ZA9DU01B61LA12815 Andromeda
ZA9DU01B91LA12825 Gold
ZA9DU01B01LA12826 Brown
ZA9DU01B21LA12827 Brown
ZA9DU01BX1LA12834 Yellow
ZA9DU01B51LA12837 Gold
ZA9DU01B71LA12838 Unknown
ZA9DU01B91LA12839 Brown
ZA9DU01B21LA12844 Red
ZA9DU01B41LA12845 Purple
ZA9DU01B61LA12846 Yellow
ZA9DU01B81LA12850 Unknown
ZA9DU01B11LA12852 Yellow
ZA9DU01B31LA12853 Yellow
ZA9DU01B51LA12854 Blue
ZA9DU01B01LA12860 Yellow
ZA9DU01B21LA12861 Balloon White
ZA9DU01B81LA12864 Black
ZA9DU01B51LA12868 Yellow
ZA9DU01B71LA12869 Gold
ZA9DU01B01LA12874 Blue
ZA9DU01BX1LA12882 Red
ZA9DU01B11LA12883 Unknown
ZA9DU01B51LA12885 Gold
ZA9DU01B41LA12876 Gold
ZA9DU01B91LA12887 Brown
ZA9DU01B21LA12889 Brown
ZA9DU01B91LA12890 White

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