Ultra rare manual gearbox 1999 Ferrari 355 Fiorano Spider sells for record price

Vertical collections of similar cars that evolve and improve over a manufacturers lifespan. I love seeing collectors have several M3’s, 911s, V12 Lambos, or other cars that have existed in constantly improving form over decades.

One of the coolest verticals that people are really recognizing now is the end of run, track focused mid engine V8 Ferraris.

Ferrari does 4-6 year model runs for their V8 cars. Near the end, they usually round up all of the cool parts that they didn’t use on Challenge cars and other option offerings, add a few cosmetics tweaks, a bit more power, and you have something special. This goes all the way back to the 348. You would want to get these cars:

  • 348 Serie Speciale or Challenge Car (which were all road legal)
  • 355 Fiorano Manual or 1995 355 Challenge (last road legal year)
  • 360 Challenge Stradale
  • F430 Scuderia (coupe) or 16M (spider)
  • 458 Speciale (coupe) or (SpecialeA)

As Ferrari has continued the trend of doing so, the earlier options have appreciated. Recently, one of the 26 manual transmission 355 Fiorano Spiders (most are F1) sold at an Auctions America sale for $211,750. These are as rare as any of the cars above can get. It was a hefty price but well paid and collected.




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