The Ruf is for sale

I have thoroughly enjoyed this car over the past 9 months but I am at a bit of a cross road. The S55 and the CL55 need quite a bit of work. I am either going to park them until another cross country driving occasion demands their resurrection and daily the Ruf or I am going to sell the Ruf, fix them, and perhaps find a more modest car to supplement the daily driving needs.

So I am going to offer the car for sale for 2 weeks. If it sells, great. If it doesn’t, that is fine too. I will set out putting 10-15k miles per year on it.

~26,600 miles
Factory painted matte black
Cocoa Interior with Carbon Adjustable Sport Seats (more similar to 360/CS/430 sport seats than the GT3 seats Ruf also uses)
Narrow Body with Narrow Mirrors
IRC (Integrated Roll Cage)
Taller gearing for 224 mph top speed
OZ Superleggera II wheels (alternative option to the Monoblocks)
Hydraulic Suspension
Sunroof delete
PCM with Bose
Built in Valentine 1 Radar Detector


Like all 06-07 cars, it left the factory as an RT12. This one was sent back to the Pfaffenhausen factory in 09 for the RT12S Updates (685 hp from 650) as well as the RT12S Aero kit (carbon fog lights, carbon spoiler, different rear bumper).

Best I can tell, only 2 RT12S cars have been in the US for more than a few years and 2 have visited. There are 4 RT12 cars around the country that I have found.

The car is in great condition. The matte paint is a bit irregular, in that a couple panels are a little blue so I recently had the entire car wrapped in XPEL Stealth Paint Protection. It makes the car much easier to clean and looks perfect. It was just serviced and needs nothing other than the wheels to be painted. Ruf left them silver on this car but the original owner painted them black. They are chipping slightly and need to be re-done. I am happy to pay for it and arrange if preferred, I just wanted to leave the color choice up to the new owner.

I have copies of the original MSO, books, 2 Ruf keys, original invoice/window sticker, records from 09 updates, etc.
Open to reasonable offers and will entertain trades. Asking $279,500.
Email me for more information. Send your number and I will give you a call.

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    September 6th, 2016 at 5:33 pm

    I need to win the lottery tonight.


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