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Some New Photos of the Ruf and LP640

It was a beautiful day in Atlanta so I went out with a friend to snap a few pics of the Ruf and the Murcielago. Contact Evan @atl.cars on IG if you would like some similar shots taken of your car! First, the 2006 Ruf RT12S: And the manual 2007 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 in Grigio […]

2 Manual LP640s at a California Airstrip Event

Over the weekend, a couple of my friends took their manual LP640s out to an air strip drag racing event called Shift Sector. Check out this incredible gallery of photos by Panella photography. You will see the first manual LP640 imported into the US, an 07 Telesto coupe. There is also a Rosso Andromeda coupe […]

Stopped by one of my favorite photo spots in the Ruf

A few nights ago I was headed back North from the city and it seemed like a great opportunity for a quick photo at one of my favorite spots – facing south on the 17th street bridge. I was driving the Ruf RT12S which I had been looking forward to taking a few more photos […]

My 10 Favorite Photos of the Murcielagos that I have owned

The Murcielago is my favorite car. I have owned three of them. The first was an Arancio Atlas 2008 Roadster. The second was a Rosso Vik 2007 Coupe. Now I have a Verde Ithaca 6 Speed Manual 2008 LP640 Coupe. Over the years we have done a lot of photo shoots with them. Here are […]

Photos by Larry from Winning Automotive Photography of our McLaren Track Event

Yesterday I posted some of my pictures from our Track Launch Event for the new McLaren 650S in Atlanta. Here are some much better pictures that Larry from Winning Automotive Photography took at the event. You will recognize the name from his recent galleries of one of our Mountain Drives and some of my LP640 […]

Mountain Drive: August 2012 – Stephan’s Pics

Stephan was the driver of the 2012 Porsche 991 Carrera S on our mountain drive yesterday. He took some great pictures and got through them very quickly. Here they are!

Tanner Mashburn’s Photos of the Verde Ithaca Aventador

Tanner Mashburn is an excellent automotive photographer. He recently took some pictures of my 2004 Gallardo. A few days ago he sent me some pictures that he took of the 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 in Verde Ithaca that we sold recently. Here is the link to his page of photos. They are absolutely insane. Great […]

Some cool random car pictures from the Rental days

I was looking for a picture yesterday and decided to go digging through my hard drive looking for it. I found a few others that I really liked so I thought I would put them in here. Most of them were from the old days at Supercar Rentals. No theme other than car stuff. Should […]

Some great pictures of my 2004 Gallardo by Tanner Mashburn

Tanner Mashburn is one of my favorite up and coming automotive photographers. We put one of his pictures of a 2011 Superleggera in our annual calendar last year and it was a big hit. He was in town from Tennessee last week and asked if he could snap a few pictures of my car. Of […]

Kevin Bandy’s Incredible Pictures from Cars & Coffee September 2011

Here are some pictures that Kevin Bandy took recently at our September 2011 Cars & Coffee get together. Kevin is a phenomenal photographer and proves that talent is much more important the equipment. You can see more of his work at www.bandydesign.com.