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VINwiki Car Stories: Kevin Bandy – Lamborghini Aventador & Twin Turbo Gallardo Midnight Run

A few years ago I put together a high speed midnight run with a rainbow of Lamborghinis. Kevin came along and captured some photos and video for Robert Himler. Here is a video of him recounting that night.

Pictures of my LP640 around Atlanta

Last night I got a chance to take the car down to Atlanta to take some pictures. I had been wanting to take some better pictures now that the new wheels were on so I went to a few of the spots where we had taken some pictures of my¬†yellow 04 Gallardo. I am no […]

Midnight Run – Film Project with Mantis Films

A few months ago we spent a long, cold night around the streets of Atlanta filming a very special film with a crew of guys from Mantis Films. The car that you see is our Matte White 2012 LP700-4 Aventador. Last week they released the film and the finished product is really awesome. Check it […]

Speed & Mischief Midnight Cruise V – Pictures

Here are a few pictures of Saturday night’s Speed & Mischief Midnight Cruise. This was their fifth one and we had a great time.

Speed & Mischief Midnight Cruise V – Video

On Saturday night Speed & Mischief, an Atlanta based car club had one of their Midnight Runs and they invited me out. It sounded like fun and a good workout for the Performante so I joined them. They had a great mix of car including some Porsches, BMW M3’s, M5’s, and an M6. There was […]

Pictures from the Lamborghini Atlanta Midnight Run – Edited

I didn’t really filter through the pictures that I posted yesterday but I had a chance today to play around with them a bit. Here are some cleaner, more edited versions. Enjoy.