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VINwiki Car Stories: Bruce Weiner’s most profitable car deals

Today’s video is an interesting one. Bruce Weiner walks VINwiki through some of his biggest wins buying and selling cars.

VINwiki Car Stories – the best deal I ever missed out on

When I was setting up Supercar Rentals in 2005 I was offered a collection of cars that was owned by Wyclef Jean. It included a McLaren F1, Pagani Zonda S, and a Ferrari 360 Spider. Although the collection would be worth $15 million + today, back then I could have bought them all for $900k. […]

VINwiki Car Stories: Bruce Weiner – McLaren F1 Maintenance Nightmares

Can you imagine spending $50,000 for a set of tires? $110,000 to replace a gas tank? Living with a McLaren F1 is a very unique experience. Bruce Weiner sat down with VINwiki to discuss his experience in owning the world’s fastest car Bruce is an Atlanta based entrepreneur and car collector who has owned over 1,000 […]

How do you buy an Ultra Rare Exotic Car?

Last week I discussed the legality of owning a Pagani or a Koenigsegg in the US. As you may have noticed, their existence here is a bit precarious. I do get a fair number of requests for those types of cars – customers looking to buy something that is even more rare and special than […]