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VINwiki Car Stories: Tracking down the Yates Cannonball Audi

Today on VINwiki Car Stories I offer the tale of my quest to buy this Audi.

VINwiki Car Stories: What was the hardest part of the Cannonball record drive?

I get asked a lot what the hardest part about the record drive was. This. I didn’t give much thought about the portion of the journey that would demand that we drive directly into the setting sun but it was by far the worst part. It was also our only accident close call on the […]

Check out this Bleacher Report piece on our NY to LA record

A few months ago, the crew from Bleacher Report came to my house to interview me about the NY to LA driving record. Read more on their site here. Even got a mention on the CNN homepage.

Great article from Andrew Fails on Right Foot Down about Cannonball

Andrew Fails approached me recently to do an article on our 2013 Cannonball Record, largely based on his interest in the problem aspect of preparing for a Cannonball. We had a great discussion and he put together a very informative article. It is certainly worth the read here on Right Foot Down. He cites the […]

The 2904: 2015

After we set the New York to Los Angeles Cannonball Record in 2013, I was contacted by a gamut of cross country aficionados. Some were past Cannonballers, some were contemporary aspirers to hold the record, others just loved the movies and the idea. One highly interesting phone call was one with the organizer of an event […]

An Index of the NY to LA Cannonball Record

On October 19-20, 2013, I set the record for the “Cannonball Run,” driving from New York to Los Angeles in 28 hours 50 minutes. Here is an index of the story and the details. The Book Announcement Team Car – Mercedes CL55 AMG Press Photos 1 & 2 Media Clips Data/Proof History Historic Cars By The […]

Media Clips from Ed Bolian’s Cannonball Run Record

Be sure to follow me on Twitter & Instagram

Unfortunately I do not have time to update this site as often as I would like but I try to make quick updates about what is going on with me, Lamborghini, and the dealership on Instagram and Twitter. My username on Twitter is LamboED and my Instagram username is simply edbolian.

I’m a Christian – Here’s what that means!

I spend a lot of time here, and in my life, talking about some pretty awesome and enjoyable material possessions. We certainly live in a world with a lot of fun things to capture our attention and to spend our time on. There is nothing wrong with that but I wanted to take some time […]

Some cool random car pictures from the Rental days

I was looking for a picture yesterday and decided to go digging through my hard drive looking for it. I found a few others that I really liked so I thought I would put them in here. Most of them were from the old days at Supercar Rentals. No theme other than car stuff. Should […]

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