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United States 2001 Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 VIN List/Registry

I built this list out on VINwiki but I thought I would share it here. At the time of this first post I have 94 VINs. There are some rather large gaps so I am sure that I am missing quite a few but this is a start. Production estimates vary but it looks like something […]

A reference list of Lamborghini Colors

In the Diablo lifecycle and early for the Murcielago, it was not uncommon for only one car to be delivered to the US in many colors each year. Since then, production has increased and now we see many examples. As you think about speccing our your dream Lambo, lots of people are looking for some […]

Congrats to Rob Dahm on Getting the Diablo Back

A few weeks ago, Rob Dahm came down to pick up the Diablo after its repair and restoration at Magnum Collision. The car came out beautifully. I sold Rob the car years ago and have enjoyed staying in touch with him and seeing him at events like Pittsburgh Cars & Coffee. It is now better […]

Auction results from the recent Keno Brothers NYC sale

The Keno Brothers Auction recently held its NYC event and the selection of cars was truly epic. My favorite was the Diablo GT in orange, something I have lauded as a favorite and one of the 10 Most Beautiful Cars ever Built. You can check out the full results here but this is a rundown. […]

The 10 Most Beautiful Cars Ever Built

Just like there is a difference between a hot woman and a beautiful woman, there is a real difference between a hot car and a beautiful car. There are fantastic newer cars like the LP670 or 675LT that offer razors edge performance and radical technology but some cars are timeless. For me, these are the […]

Straight Flush – 5 Generations of Red V12 Lambos

Recently we had a little get together – we decided to do a Red Bull photoshoot. We got a 1971 Miura S, 1982 Countach S, 1992 2wd Diablo, my 2007 LP640 coupe, and a 2014 Aventador Roadster to the dealership and we feel like the outcome was not too shabby. 5 cars suited in the same […]

Photos from my recent trip to the Lamborghini Factory in Italy

Last week I got the chance to go to the Lamborghini Factory in Italy. It was an absolutely amazing place to visit and offers a very different perspective on the brand than the normal US presence. Here are some photos.

How does Lamborghini Atlanta’s Geographical Area work?

If you are in the market to buy a used Lamborghini, it will not take long to figure out that there are not many authorized Lamborghini dealerships in the US. Right now there are only 24. Each year we gain or lose one or two but technically Lamborghini Atlanta is the authorized dealer for Georgia, […]

Caffeine & Octane: August 2012

The weather was perfect today for our monthly cars and coffee meet in Atlanta and there was an amazing turnout of beautiful cars. I took the LP640 and there was a great collection of Lamborghinis and other exotics in attendance. Here are some pictures.

Speculation about the 50th Anniversary of Lamborghini

Since the company was founded in 1963, Lamborghini has done a lot to celebrate their heritage. They have produced several cars to celebrate milestone anniversaries and with 2012 marking the 49th anniversary of the brand, it seems like a good time to start dreaming about what Lamborghini will do next year to celebrate 50 years. […]

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