Stopped by one of my favorite photo spots in the Ruf

A few nights ago I was headed back North from the city and it seemed like a great opportunity for a quick photo at one of my favorite spots – facing south on the 17th street bridge. I was driving the Ruf RT12S which I had been looking forward to taking a few more photos of. I definitely need to go back with a better camera soon.

Ruf RT12 narrow body


Here are some other photoshoots from that spot.

With my first 2004 Gallardo.

A herd of Gallardos including my blue 04 on a late night run.

Several Gallardos and Aventadors during the day.

In my 2008 LP640 Roadster.

In the 2007 LP640.

And a quick one in my Green 08 Manual Transmission Lamborghini LP640.

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