Some photos from a visit with Bleacher Report

Amir Ebrahimi, Christopher Rivera, and Bobby Shively recently came over to interview me for a segment about the 2013 Cannonball Record for Bleacher Report. To close out the day, they asked if I could get all of the cars together for a photo shoot. It was getting quite dark but I thought them came out great. Here some shots of the LP640, the Ruf, the CL55, and the S55 all together for the first time. Thanks guys!

Copy of 20160112-_RS_6786 Copy of 20160112-_RS_6787 2 Copy of 20160112-_RS_6789 Copy of 20160112-_RS_6792 Copy of 20160112-_RS_6796 Copy of 20160112-_RS_6797 Copy of 20160112-_RS_6798 Copy of 20160112-_RS_6804-Edit Copy of 20160112-DJI_0010


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