Index of Ed Bolian’s Exotic Car Buying and Financing Resources

Over the past decade I have worked in various capacities within the exotic car industry. I owned and operated an exotic car rental company, sold hundreds of exotic cars at a multi-franchised authorized dealer, and have launched a new tech company transforming vehicle history reporting practices. I have also personally owned a couple dozen interesting cars over the years. I am always happy to answer questions and offer buying advice. Here are some resources I have put together over the years that I hope you find useful.

VINwiki – a social vehicle history reporting platform

The Rules of Exotic Car Financing & Leasing

How Does Exotic Car Financing Work?

Some simple exotic car payment estimates

Exotic Car Insurance Resources

What to take with you when you go (or email) to buy a car

Full Lamborghini Gallardo Buyer’s Guide

Guide to Calculating Cost of Ownership

10 Tips to prepare yourself for an exotic car purchase

General Exotic Car Buying references including financing

Building an Exotic Car ownership activity checklist 

Some cars I picked to appreciate significantly that did

Lenders and lending practices to avoid


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