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Ed’s Car History: 2007 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Coupe, 6 Speed Manual

I replaced my unicorn car – the manual LP640 – with the only thing that made sense…


Another one.

I know there is some sentiment that the manual cars are over-hyped but I continue to beg to differ. The Murcielago in any form is the best supercar bargain out there but the sequential cars generally require you to make an excuse for the gearbox. At speed it is perfectly fine but at low speed it is cumbersome. After 30k miles in the E-Gear Murcis I certainly still love them and would own one over anything else at the same money but the stick makes the car 100% more usable and eliminates the fragility of the E-Gear.

My only complaint with the green car was that it was too perfect. I have never been a guy to want the nicest of something. My first exotics were in my rental fleet. Then I bought a blue Gallardo from a local prostitute, then a 24k mile LP640 Roadster, then a gorgeous Rosso Vik 640 coupe that I drove 10k miles in a year, and then the Green stick 640. Regardless of how much I planned to keep it forever, I had trouble with the feeling that I was depreciating the nicest example of the car by driving it so I only put 3k miles or so on it in the last 13 months.


Then I found a new car. It is also a stick LP640, an 07 Grigio Telesto car originally from Canada. It was actually stolen in Canada and then recovered around 2010. The US title is clean and it has been here for years. I picked it up a few days ago in Vegas and drove it 2,000 miles home to Atlanta. It has a couple cosmetic needs – some curbed wheels, scratches, and leather issues but I will get it fixed right up. It is the perfect driver example of the perfect car.

As you have probably noticed, Roy bought my green car and was extremely helpful in putting the deal together. It will be a perfect car for someone. I have been funding my new startup VINwiki so this downsize allows for tons of guilt free stick 640 miles ahead!


Here are some photos from the trip.


Dropped it off at Lamborghini Las Vegas for an oil change, AC recharge, and alignment.

img_3481 img_3483 img_3484 img_3485 img_3488 img_3492 img_3493 img_3497 img_3501 img_3504 img_3506 img_3508 img_3513 img_3515 img_3516 img_3521 img_3528 img_3532 img_3539 img_3546 img_3583 img_3585 img_3586

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  2. Tom Bresette

    September 14, 2016 at 6:27 am

    Hey Ed,

    Congrats on the new ride, not sure how you brought yourself to sell the green one, perfect color on a Lambo in my view.

    I miss driving a manual vehicle, its a totally different experience, be it a 89 Ranger or a 06 Viper, it makes the whole thing more fun.

    I wonder what your take on the current market of, what seems to be wildly overpriced vehicles from nearly the sole reason that they are manuals. The Ferrari California that recently went for over $700K, just because it was one of a few that were made in manual, same can be said for the 993 911’s and other makes and models that have seen huge price increases recently.Do you think its a bubble or is it just an expression of the market/buyers who actually want a more connected feel to their cars and are willing to pay more for it? Rumor has it the next GT3 RS will be a manual given the backlash of the current one being a paddle shift only, but it seems other companies and going full force without manual options anymore. Curious to hear your thoughts.

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  5. Del Calloway

    March 12, 2019 at 12:24 pm

    Hey Ed,

    I’m fixing to paint my Superlite Coupe (SLC) in Grigio Telesto and have to thank you for introducing me to the color. I’ve found paint codes for it, but seeing how the newer Lamborghini’s look lighter in the same color, do you happen to remember the paint code for your old Merci in this color? Thanks for any help!

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