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VINwiki Car Stories: Dan Huang – the trouble with buying pre-modded cars

Dan was our support passenger for the Cannonball Record. Here is his explanation of how difficult it was to buy and recondition a pre-modded Scion FRS.

VINwiki Car Stories: I crashed my Miata Track Car

Today on VINwiki Car Stories, Kevin Bandy tells us about his on-track crash in his Mazda Miata at Road Atlanta.  

VINwiki Car Stories – When everything on your Cannonball attempt goes wrong

On our 2013 NY to LA record run, all of the variables went perfectly. When we did The 2904 in 2015, we also had a lot of things go right. One of the other competitors in the race had pretty much everything go wrong that could.

VINwiki Car Stories: Finding a one of one Porsche 996 GT3

Adam is a good friend of mine that saw a GT3 in his dream configuration when he was unable to pull the trigger. Amazingly, he got another shot at it when the car popped back up on eBay. Here is the story.

VINwiki Car Stories: Bruce Weiner’s most profitable car deals

Today’s video is an interesting one. Bruce Weiner walks VINwiki through some of his biggest wins buying and selling cars.

VINwiki Car Stories: Tracking down the Yates Cannonball Audi

Today on VINwiki Car Stories I offer the tale of my quest to buy this Audi.

VINwiki Car Stories: Getting arrested racing a Corvette ZR-1 in a Lamborghini Countach

When I worked at Panoz Racing School and the Audi Driving Experience at Road Atlanta back in 2004, I had a co-worker named Tony. He used to tell this story and I absolutely loved it.

VINwiki Car Stories – buying the S55 for $1,500

Here is the video of how I bought the S55 we used to win The 2904 in 2015.

VINwiki Car Stories: Dave Black tells the story of how he became the Cannonball Record co-driver

If you have read my book, you know that the team we used to set the NY to LA record came together at the very last minute. In this story, Dave tells the idea of how he became the c0-driver. Here you go:

VINwiki Car Stories: I bought a Lamborghini from a Prostitute

Today I sit down at VINwiki and offer the story of how I came to own a 2004 Gallardo and some interesting things about the previous owner.