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Top Gear US: Season 2, Episode 7 Review

This week’s episode of Top Gear reflected a very good response to a lot of the criticisms that I had expressed about the show’s history thus far. I am sure that was not the reason for the change but I found this week’s show to be a very welcome departure from the traditional format. The […]

Top Gear US: Season 2, Episode 6 Review

This week’s episode of Top Gear US centered around a fairly blatant imitation of the UK Version’s cheap car challenges. Each of the presenters was told to buy a car for $500 and then they competed in a series of challenges. The tests included the immensely practical competition of who could push their car the […]

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Ken Block’s New Gymkhana 4

A few years ago the founder of DC Shoes released a video of himself driving a Subaru WRX STI around an industrial estate. He called the film Gymkhana. Gymkhana is Japanese for Autocross and implies a style of driving that hinges more on memorization of a course rather than reading the track. It exhibits some […]

Top Gear US: Season 2, Episode 5 Review

The British version of Top Gear is likely to be atop the Facebook Favorite TV Shows of any car guy. Last year they rolled out a US Version featuring a new cast of characters. I am not going to say that it lives up to the original and I will even concede that it makes […]

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