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Be sure to check out Arne’s Antics

A couple years ago I met a car guy who seems to be almost exactly as crazy as I am. Arne competed against us on the 2015 running of The 2904. We won that event but if it had not been for a very disadvantageous starting time, Arne and his team would likely have bested […]

A GT3 Road Trip

A few days ago I went with a couple friends up to Asheville, NC for the evening on a quick but very fun road trip. Both happen to own Guards Red GT3s. One is an 04, one is a 2010. Here are some pics.

Remarks on the 2016 Election

I woke up today proud to be an American. Not because Trump will be president but because change is possible. We have been given a government where socialism is masqueraded as democratic compassion, where spending involves numbers of zeroes designed to be nonsensical, and where ideas called “Religious Liberty” can be voted down. America has […]

An article by Ben Preston in The Drive about our win in the C2C Express

Ben Preston composed a very entertaining account of his calamitous effort in this year’s C2C Express NY to LA Run. Here are some photos of our drive. You can read the article here: 

United States 2001 Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 VIN List/Registry

I built this list out on VINwiki but I thought I would share it here. At the time of this first post I have 94 VINs. There are some rather large gaps so I am sure that I am missing quite a few but this is a start. Production estimates vary but it looks like something […]

What Brock Yates & Cannonball have meant to me

On Wednesday the automotive world lost a legend. I lost a hero. Jalopnik asked me for my thoughts and reflections. Here they are:

Help us by supporting VINwiki on Product Hunt today

Please help us spread the word by upvoting and sharing VINwiki on Product Hunt today.

  Last week I pitched VINwiki at Atlanta Startup Village. This is a great monthly event held at Atlanta Tech Village and an awesome way to discover exciting new companies in the Atlanta area. if you haven’t already, download VINwiki using this link. Thanks for the support.

An explanation of VINwiki by our founding team

Over the weekend we launched VINwiki. We had a launch party in our office and a big presence at Caffeine & Exotics. Here is an explanation from the founding team about what VINwiki is and how it works. Get the app here –

What is VINwiki?

Yesterday I mentioned our latest project, VINwiki. This is a new technology startup that we have been working on for the past few months. You can download it in the Apple App Store here – Download it and come along with us as we change automotive history.