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Auction results from the recent Keno Brothers NYC sale

The Keno Brothers Auction recently held its NYC event and the selection of cars was truly epic. My favorite was the Diablo GT in orange, something I have lauded as a favorite and one of the 10 Most Beautiful Cars ever Built. You can check out the full results here but this is a rundown. […]

What are the best insurance companies for exotic cars in Georgia?

I get asked this a lot so I thought I would throw up a post as a good reference. Having sold a few hundred exotic cars to Georgia clients and insured a bunch of them as well, these are my recommendations. I use AllState and have since 2007. They bundle everything for me and the […]

2016 McLaren Option Lists for 570S, 650S, and 675LT

McLaren is doing some amazing things for 2016. The 650S Coupe and Spider have some great new standard features. Here are the option lists for each. 2016 McLaren 650S Spider Option List 2016 McLaren 650S Coupe Option List We are all very excited for the 570S to come out as well. It is an entirely […]

Ed Bolian’s Lamborghini Gallardo Buyer’s Guide and General Information

The Lamborghini Gallardo is one of the most iconic exotic cars that you can buy today and with the availability of financing, they are becoming increasingly affordable. They sell for anywhere from $60k-300k. I have owned two of them and sold hundreds of them at Lamborghini Atlanta. Here is a collection of some of the articles and […]

The 10 Most Beautiful Cars Ever Built

Just like there is a difference between a hot woman and a beautiful woman, there is a real difference between a hot car and a beautiful car. There are fantastic newer cars like the LP670 or 675LT that offer razors edge performance and radical technology but some cars are timeless. For me, these are the […]

Building Your Car Ownership Activity Checklist

After owning a bunch of interesting cars, I started to see a pattern developing in my ownership arc. Once I checked all of the boxes with each car, I generally found myself looking for the next one. I always enjoy taking the cars to our local Cars & Coffee Gatherings. These shows always give me […]

10 Tips to Prepare Yourself for an Exotic Car Purchase

I get a lot of emails from people who are young and aspire to own an exotic car some day. Most are working on finding good jobs and establishing themselves financially. With today’s lending practices, you can buy an expensive car on just about any professional salary. After a thousand or so transactions, here are […]

Is a Koenigsegg street legal in the US?

Another car that I am frequently asked about is the Koenigsegg. This is a Swedish supercar that is typically spoken of in the same breath as the Pagani Zonda that we discussed yesterday. An estimated 100 were produced from 2002-2009 in several different variations which included – the CC, CC8S, CCR, CCX, CCXR, Trevita, Edition, […]