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Caffeine & Octane: April 2011

April of this year was another great month at Caffeine & Octane. We had a customer bring out his brand new 2010 Lamborghini Gallardo LP550-2 Bicolore, 1 of 250 in the world. I drove a 2008 Murcielago LP640 that we had recently purchased. We had a few new faces and met some great new people. […]

Caffeine & Octane: February 2011

The morning of Caffeine & Octane in February was absolutely gorgeous. The sky was a breathtaking background for all of the brightly colored cars. We had another great Lamborghini turnout that month.

Caffeine & Octane: January 2011

Just a week before the ice storm that shut down Atlanta for a week, Caffeine & Octane was alive and well at a new location. For 2011 the event had moved to Mansell Crossing in Alpharetta. We had a more diverse crowd this month. One of owners brought his Ford GT and I drove one […]

Caffeine & Octane: December 2010

December was another awesome turnout at Caffeine & Octane. I drove a gorgeous Rosso Letto Gallardo Spyder that we had just traded. We also had a Rosso Vik Gallardo Spyder there. Eventually 2 Countachs showed up too. Here are some pictures.

Caffeine & Octane: November 2010

November of 2010 welcomed the arrival of a very special friend – the Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Press Car. We became very close. I will write more about that later but in the meantime here are pictures from Caffeine & Octane in November of 2010. This was one of the best Lamborghini turnouts that we have […]

Caffeine & Octane: October 2010

In October 2010 we had a lot of owners with new cars to show off. They included a Gallardo Spyder, 2 LP640 Roadsters, and an 05 Gallardo Coupe. I drove a brand new 2011 LP560-4 Spyder in Balloon White.  

Atlanta Cars & Coffee – New Location

We have attended Caffeine & Octane for years and enjoyed it. We have always wanted to have something a bit less crowded and more relaxed. For September 4th we are moving to a new location in the Northeast Corner of the Perimeter Mall parking lot (Near Dillard’s and Seasons 52) at the corner of Perimeter […]

Caffeine & Octane: August 2010

These pictures are from the Caffeine & Octane gathering in August of 2010. We had 2 08 Superleggeras there, a Balboni, a 640, a twin turbo LP560, and a few others. Great time.

Caffeine & Octane: July 2010

July of 2010 was the first time that we met at the dealership and drove to Caffeine & Octane as a group. It was a pretty spectacular showcase of cars. Thanks to Dan Huang for the pictures.  

Caffeine & Octane: June 2010

Caffeine & Octane is a monthly car show that is held regularly in Atlanta. It has been held at several different locations and we make an effort to be there every month. Here are some pictures from June 2010.That month we took quite the showstopper. It was a 2010 Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 Superveloce press car. […]