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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

I wanted to take the opportunity to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and to thank everyone who has enriched my life over the past year. God has blessed me with an incredible family, friends, and a job that allows me to interact with so many wonderful people. Life is always a roller coaster but […]

Thank You for the Happy Birthday Wishes!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for the droves of Happy Birthday wishes yesterday. I had an awesome birthday and it was truly moving to see how many people took a moment to send along a message via Facebook, Twitter, Email, or by making a phone call. The internet clearly has […]

Ed’s Garage: The SRI Warehouse

As car guys we know that the most important part of a house is the garage. As I was growing the business of Supercar Rentals and adding to the fleet of vehicles I went through several storage locations. At first I kept my cars at my parents’ house in Gwinnett County. I was in midtown […]

Ed’s Garage at Home

I moved to a new home in Duluth in September of 2010. I was adamant that it have at least a 3 car garage (preferably 7) but Megan was adamant about a lot of other things. We ended up with a lovely home that has a 2 car garage. I still got to decorate it. […]

Ed on TV – MTV True Life: I’m Rallying to LA

In 2004 I was graduating from High School. As a sort of senior trip I entered in the AKA Rally. It was a cross country road rally from New York to Los Angeles. My interest in participating in the event was partially what drew me to the S4. It was the perfect car to load […]

Introducing LamboMegan

My wife is quite the sport when it comes to Exotic Cars. I incorporated Supercar Rentals the week that we began dating. At that point her automotive knowledge was limited to discerning between a car and a truck. Today she knows her stuff. Megan comes along on our Mountain Drives, rides shotgun in the Aventador, […]

Ed’s Past Lives – Supercar Rentals, Inc.

I have loved cars ever since I got the chance to get behind the wheel and I have always enjoyed the challenge of finding the most cost effective and practical ways to do so. When I look for a place to rent an exotic car I found nothing available in Atlanta. That led me to […]

Connect with me on LinkedIn

I am very new to LinkedIn and still building up a profile but if you would like to connect with me please send me a request here.      

Follow Me on Twitter!

We do try to keep up with the trends in social media. I am not a huge Tweeter but I try to post information about upcoming cars, our events, new cars that we bring into inventory, wholesale cars that we are offering to the public, and whatever else crosses my mind.

Lamborghini XII a Roma – The Rest of Rome

As difficult as it may seem to believe, there was actually more to Rome than just Lamborghini. Here are some other pictures that we took while we were there. Enjoy! Ed, Megan, and Eric at the legendary Harry’s Bar On the Spanish Steps Trevi Fountain Overlooking Rome The Colosseum Check out the leg of Prosciutto […]