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My book on the Cannonball Record is coming soon

I have been working on a book about the New York to Los Angeles Cannonball Record for the past year or so and it is getting close. It chronicles my interest in the record starting as a high schooler and how it intersected with my career path over the past decade. Stay tuned!

Three Years of Sunny the LamBoa Growing Up

I have always loved reptiles. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with dinosaurs and that grew into an interest in their distant relatives. I have had a lot of herpetological pets – iguanas, bearded dragons, salamanders, frogs, a leopard gecko, a ball python, and a few tortoises. In October 2012 we went to […]

Check out the Podcast I did with CarLifestyle

A few weeks ago Seth Rose from Exotics Rally and TMinus from CarLifestyle came down to Atlanta and we recorded a podcast for their series. We talked a lot about cars and cross country driving. You can download it here.

Becoming a Christian Outlaw – the balance between spirituality and a life of law breaking and supercars

In the wake of the press related to the New York to Los Angeles Cannonball record in 2013 I got a lot of questions about risk, safety, “why?” and reconciling such a strange quest with my personal spirituality and relationship with God. These are great questions and while I spent some time on them then, I […]

We had a baby!

Not exactly car news but Mrs. LamboMegan and I had our baby a couple of weeks ago. Baby and mom are happy and healthy. Thank you for all of the thoughts, prayers, and messages. We truly appreciate it.

Media Clips from Ed Bolian’s Cannonball Run Record

We Did It: New York to Los Angeles in 28:50

About 10 years ago I interviewed Brock Yates for a project on Automotive Journalism as a senior in high school. We talked about the business of writing about cars and his Cannonball Project. I told him that one day I would break the record and we talked about whether or not that was possible. About […]

Be sure to follow me on Twitter & Instagram

Unfortunately I do not have time to update this site as often as I would like but I try to make quick updates about what is going on with me, Lamborghini, and the dealership on Instagram and Twitter. My username on Twitter is LamboED and my Instagram username is simply edbolian.

I’m a Christian – Here’s what that means!

I spend a lot of time here, and in my life, talking about some pretty awesome and enjoyable material possessions. We certainly live in a world with a lot of fun things to capture our attention and to spend our time on. There is nothing wrong with that but I wanted to take some time […]

Some cool random car pictures from the Rental days

I was looking for a picture yesterday and decided to go digging through my hard drive looking for it. I found a few others that I really liked so I thought I would put them in here. Most of them were from the old days at Supercar Rentals. No theme other than car stuff. Should […]